The innovative doormat that transforms to a delivery locker, preventing package theft with style, and unlocking the true freedom of online shopping.

Why Our Doormat Turned into the Ultimate Package Locker

We love the freedom that online shopping provides us, but we hate getting violated by porch pirates, so we needed a better way to take deliveries, and we decided to scratch our own itch, since what was on the market didn't do the trick.

We tried the alternative delivery options. Remote pickups ruined the convenience of online shopping, the same with scheduling delivery times, and we weren't willing to grant access in our home or garage to the drivers.

A home delivery locker seemed like the most convenient option, so we started crafting and testing prototypes. Lockers beside the door never got used and looked ugly, plus our home really didn't have enough room for one. Finally, we reversed engineered the solution, with the help of many drivers, we focused in on the doormat, the same place drivers focus in on to drop deliveries. Plus the doormat location eliminated the need for extra space, so it was definitely the light bulb moment. The problem at that point was how do we transform a doormat into a locker!

The engineering wasn't easy. It wasn't rocket science either, but it required some innovative mechanics, materials, and lots and lots of time to get everything just right. Once we had the concept down, we enlisted a team of drivers, designers, and engineers to get everything dialed in. After that we began real world trials. After several more minor modifications we ended up with our tried and true Davymat Delivery Locker. We hope it provides you with the same value it provides us.

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