How to get started:

Davymat locker installation

The Davymat comes fully assembled! We recommend you "install" it by anchoring it to your porch.

Before you anchor the Davymat, make sure to position it where you'd like to secure it and open the locker to ensure there is nothing in the way. Once you're ready to anchor the Davymat, choose which application(s) works best for you...

Easy install method:

  • Glue to porch - construction adhesive included. This is the easiest method and requires no tools! Glue the smooth bottom of the Davymat base to the porch - ensure the surfaces are clean and dry, apply the adhesive on the flat underside of the base around the inside perimeter followed by the center, position the Davymat in place and apply pressure. Let the adhesive cure before using, this typically takes 24 hours depending on your climate. If you would like more glue, a construction adhesive from your local hardware store should work fine as well.

If you're looking for added security, you can also secure the Davymat with the following methods:

  • Fasten to porch - requires a drill, and the drill bit and anchors (the type of bit and anchors depends on the type of porch material i.e. concrete, wood, etc.). Anchor the base portion of the Davymat to your porch - position the anchors outside of the lockbox footprint when in locker mode, pre-drill the 2 anchor holes thru the Davymat base and into your porch, drill the anchors into the predrilled holes.
  • Fasten to threshold - requires a drill, anchor plates, and screws. For this method, the Davymat ramp must butt up to an aluminum door threshold for best results, if it does, fasten the plate to the back of the Davymat base ramp, then fasten the plate to your door threshold.

We posted a video of the installation methods at the bottom of this page...

Two important notes on the removable instructional placards - 1. There is a thin clear protective film on the face of the placard signs that should be removed. 2. The placard adhesive on the back of the signs is not intended to be permanent, so users have the ability to remove the placards for a more sleek look once their drivers are accustomed to the operation, however if you want the placards to be permanent you can apply a super glue from your local hardware store.

We're here to help! If you have any questions, email us at

Davymat locker operation

To transform from "Mat Mode" to "Locker Mode", please see the instructional sign, that can be placed in your yard or on your door for the delivery drivers. The instructional placards on the Davymat also take you through the step-by-step operation.

To return to "Mat Mode" simply follow the steps in reverse and feel free to use your foot on the last 2 steps as shown on the home page videos.

Setting your desired lock combo

While in the unlocked position, move the bottom black switch on the lock from left to right. Once moved, enter your desired code. When done entering your new code, flip the bottom switch back to the left position and the lock will now be ready to use with your new combination.

Best practices for driver awareness and usage

  1. Update your delivery instructions (explained in the dropdown below) and/or add "USE DOORMAT LOCKBOX" at the end of the delivery address.
  2. Post your instructional door/yard sign. Included with your purchase.
  3. Keep the removable instructional placards on while your drivers are getting used to the new delivery system.
  4. If needed, post the larger instructional sign. Available to print/download in the dropdown below.
  5. If needed, file a complaint with the carrier if a driver does not use the lockbox. The carriers are incentivized to deliver your packages safely and they will address the issue.

Updating your delivery instructions

You can create an online account with all major delivery carriers and you'll be able to add general delivery instructions for all of your deliveries moving forward so you won't have to add instructions for each individual order.

Amazon makes it easy to update your delivery instructions, navigate to "Your Account > Your Addresses > Edit Address > Delivery instructions (optional) > Do we need a security code, call box number, or key to access this building?". We recommend inputting "USE DOORMAT LOCKBOX! ###" in both fields with your lock combo.

Here are helpful links for the other large carriers:

FedEx | UPS | DHL

While USPS cannot use a code to access a parcel locker, they can use the mail slot located on the front of the Davymat when it's in "Locker Mode".

Your three-digit Davymat code can be shared with drivers by either notating it on the delivery instructions or by adding it to the address line (like you would an apartment or suite). With the code, the drivers can open the locker to add their packages. If the Davymat is not yet deployed with a previous delivery, they do not need a code to use it.

Large printable instructional sign for drivers

Click the link below to print/download -

Large instructional sign for drivers

Attaching your own doormat

All you need is sufficient Velcro to attach your current doormat to the Davymat device (one side of the Velcro attached to the back of your mat and the connecting side of the Velcro attached to the device). While there will be existing Velcro on the Davymat device itself, we recommend attaching new strips that will sufficiently attach to the Velcro you are adding to the back of your mat. 3M Command Strips should do the trick.

Removing or changing the placards

The Davymat comes delivered with placards attached in order to help notify and guide the drivers of where to place your packages (and how to operate the device). We recommend you keep these on when you first start using the Davymat in order to help the drivers smoothly transition into using the Davymat; however, the placards are fully removeable! if you're ready to remove the signs, just carefully peel them off and you're good to go. If you're ever in need of new placards, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to send some out!

Locker installation -